Privacy with your Chosen VIPs

Now imagine all that without the “bad” bits. Your secure group will have no uninvited guests, and your data will not be sold to third parties, we truly value your privacy. Only you can give access rights to your data to those you expressly choose.

Your identified VIPs.

Your Memories - Organized

Photos and videos normally run into jumbled files. Worry no more, this is where Priceless excels! Your photos & videos are automatically organized in chronological order on your & your family’s timelines. This feature will allow your current photo library to become organised & beautifully displayed. Same applies to all your family.

The Future

Another striking aspect is the Time Capsule feature. Older family members can encapsulate video messages for their young ones. Access to such videos will only become available as young people reach a certain age (or time benchmarks/age milestones). A truly priceless gift for any young one...

Memorial Timeline

Just because a a family member is no longer with us, doesn't mean they don't still play a huge role in our family. Memorial Timelines help you & your family keep their memories very much alive and part of your legacy.

We Welcome You and your Family

to your own secure private social network. Welcome to Priceless.

Your Child's Timeline

Your children may still be too young to have their own smartphones, this feature allows you to create & manage all your children’s timelines. All your family can add pictures & videos they have of your children on their smartphones to your child’s timeline, this will help build a truly authentic photo album for your children and your nieces & nephews alike.

When they grow old enough you can transfer their accounts to their new smartphones priceless app.

Free To Start

Free to use. You start with 1GB free storage and if you ever need more storage for you & your family you
will have the choice to upgrade to a family subscription.

Membership Plan



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